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Michael has said that “the Archangel realm is often misunderstood and many believe they are out of reach”.


“The Archangels are the messengers of God, the messengers of source, to help humanity. And our message is that we are reachable, that you can call on us in times of difficultly, in times of need and we answer. It is that the Archangels provide messages to your need from God himself ” - Archangel Michael – Sept 2105

Archangel - Chamuel

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Chamuel .png

Archangel - Chamuel

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The Archangel that has been with you your whole life. The Archangel who helps those that are looking to find God. Relationships are significant in a persons life.  Chamuel participates to heal relationships in your life or career. To give you strength at the time of ending a hurtful relationship, that each person is healed. 

Sacred Oil Intention Chamuel“I do hereby declare that I am using this sacred oil of Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel who sees and seeks God, that I might ask for his guidance to find the strength to end a hurtful relationship and then ask him to help me find a new love relationship of meaning and equal giving and receiving. I also will call upon Archangel Chamuel as I use this sacred oil to find new friends or a new job, an expanded career. And I now believe that Archangel Chamuel will help me in repairing any misunderstandings in my life.   And it is so.”

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