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Michael has said that “the Archangel realm is often misunderstood and many believe they are out of reach”.


“The Archangels are the messengers of God, the messengers of source, to help humanity. And our message is that we are reachable, that you can call on us in times of difficultly, in times of need and we answer. It is that the Archangels provide messages to your need from God himself ” - Archangel Michael – Sept 2105

Archangel - Gabriel


Archangel - Gabriel

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ARCHANGEL GABRIEL:  His name is strength of God. Gabriel is the Archangel of Hope and Communication. He was the archangel of messages to Mary, Jesus and Joseph in their lifetime on the earth. Call to Gabriel: if you have a business or an artistic endeavor he is helpful to get the message out, creative artistic expressions of art and drama.   For those individuals that own and honor their own psychic abilities, he can be called upon as an advisor to help them receive messages more clearly.

Sacred Oil Intention of Gabriel:I do hereby declare that I am using this sacred oil of Archangel Gabriel to assist me with any kind of communication. Whether it might be talking openly with a loved one or speaking my truth.  I ask of Archangel Gabriel that I receive his guidance in the artistic endeavors (writers, journalists, painters, actors) that I might have clarity in getting my message out to the world as Gabriel has clear communication.  I accept this guidance from God through Gabriel to my heart. And it is so”.





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