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Archangel & Saint Animal Healing Mist - 60ml


Michael has said that “the Archangel realm is often misunderstood and many believe they are out of reach”.


“The Archangels are the messengers of God, the messengers of source, to help humanity. And our message is that we are reachable, that you can call on us in times of difficultly, in times of need and we answer. It is that the Archangels provide messages to your need from God himself ” - Archangel Michael – Sept 2105

Archangel & Saint Animal Healing Mist - 60ml

Animal Mist SIGN .jpg
Animal Mist SIGN .jpg

Archangel & Saint Animal Healing Mist - 60ml


Sacred Alchemy Oil Blend of:

Archangel Ariel, St. Francis, St. Germain, Lord Pan & Sacred Violet Flame

 This animal healing mist combination was given to me by Archangel Ariel. Her role is the healing and protection of nature as is called upon for the healing of pets. She is very close to the animals, fish, birds, plants and the 4 earthly elements of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth.

The healing of our animals and our pets has to be done with sensitivity and care.  This healing mist was designed to be used for everyday joy and well-being as well as in times of illness and comfort.

 How to Use the Sacred Animal Healing Mist:

Rather than absorbing through their fur, animals absorb through the pads of their feet and ears.  This is the best way to administer into their little bodies is to mist your fingers and then rub into their ears and/or the pads of their feet.  You can also mist above and around them and let it fall gently. *** Be aware of how your pets react to falling mist and adjust your approach accordingly. ***

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808 Edmonton Tr. NE, Calgary, AB.

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