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808 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 3J6


Ascended Masters - Male

Fiblorious 2 ML

Garry at Trade Show.jpg
Garry at Trade Show.jpg

Fiblorious 2 ML


Sacred Alchemist born into the physical world as Garry Edward Belleau, soul name "Fiblorious". Last name translated from french is "Beautiful Water". I came to change the world thru Sacred Alchemy. My vibration and purpose of my sacred oil is to provide JOY to the world.  

In 2005 I had a divine intervention and was asked by the Ascended Masters to create Sacred Oils in their name which would be their physical representation and vibration that would spread joy and healing thru the waters and provide healing to all living things, i.e., the air, water, the animal kingdom, healing the earth (Gaia)  helping people with their life journey.  Over the years my work has expanded to create oils for the instruments or hands of the creator, the Elohim and the Sacred Rays.  







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