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Lady Nada

Aromatic Portraits of the Masters

Lady Nada

25ml Sacred Oil Mist
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25ml Sacred Oil Mist
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Lady Nada

from 55.00

In the early years of work and Alchemy I had 144,000 Elohim, Ascended Masters, Archangels, & Extraterrestrials line up and ask for their physical representation to be made in Sacred Oil. Needless to say, I won’t get to them in this lifetime.

Lady Nada was one of the first to ask for her Sacred Oil to be created. Nada taught me that the most difficult challenge we will face is the healing of the Self. Our self love, self worth, self confidence. Interestingly, in her life on earth she intensely struggled with her self worth and then became the Master of it.

Lady Nada Sacred Oil is a heart felt blessing of self confidence, self worth and self love to the student/recipient who would reach for her Sacred gift and Oil.

NADA is the FIRST “Aromatic Portrait Mist of the Ascended Masters” to be made available.

** Each Aromatic Portrait comes with a beautiful intention given by the Master that might be read when using their Sacred Oil Mist to invoke joy and healing.

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