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808 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 3J6


Our Story



I opened Ascention Aromatics in Calgary, Alberta on Oct 18th, 1996.  At that time, Ascention Aromatics was one of the very first retail stores in North America to specialize in the education and selling of essential oils. In those first few months, Ascention classics like the Cold and Flu Warrior, Super Sleep, Inner Child, Patchang and Around the Coriander were created.  Funny, when I look back I had a sign on the window that said “Tea Tree”, very few knew what I was talking about!  Essential Oils and Aromatherapy were then classified as fringe and now, of course, have become mainstream.


People have often said to me...”I love your blends and the way you create”.  Little did I know I was born into the world as a Sacred Alchemist.   My work is to bring Joy and Healing to all living things thru Sacred Oils.


Unknowingly, my first sacred oil was “Festivity”.  It was the Christmas season in 1996 and in my bevy of oils I had Frankincense and Myrrh.  In my creative mind, I wanted to give something to my customers something that symbolized a real Christmas.  Festivity was born and years later, I discovered it was the Sacred Oil of the 3 Wiseman.


What are Sacred Oils?  Sacred Oils are “Beyond Essential Oils”.  When used (misted, bathed in, diffused in the air, anointed on the body) they heal the individual receiving the oil. The sacred molecules then travel into the air and heal plants, the earth, the water, the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms. 


My creations of Sacred Oils have now expanded to include the Gemstones.  For the first time you can smell what a Emerald or Ruby smells like!  People say the mist of Pink Tourmaline smells “Pink”.  And I would say to them, How do you know?  Does Pink have a smell?   And they would say..”how do you do that?”. And I would say, I don’t know.  LOL!!!  

In truth, I blend the Sacred Oils in a bottle and after 3 days of transmutation, miraculously” the Sacred Oil smells like the gemstone I set out to create, ie: like the violet of Amethyst.  If I am creating an Ascended Master or Archangel Oil,  it smells familiar and you can identify with Buddha or the Lady of the Blue Rose (Mary Magdalene) or Michael.  There are 144,000 Ascended Masters in line asking for physical representation.  I told them… I’m going to try my best…LOL.

Sacred Oils are the physical representation of:

·      The Elohim (The instruments or hands of the creator, i.e. Divine Peace, Divine Grace)

·      The Sacred Rays (Coloured bands of energy or the tools or instruments of the Elohim to create) 

·      Ascended Masters

·      Archangels

·      Extra Terrestrials

·      The Elements (Copper, Gold, Fire, Water, Earth, Air)

·      The Gemstones

My new exciting project is the creation of the Sacred Geometry Oils, i.e. (Flower of Life, Vesica Pisis, The Merkaba/Star Tetrahedron, etc).

Thank you to all my loyal customers who have visited and supported Ascention Aromatics. This has been an amazing and wonderful journey to my own Ascension and one that I share with others.

Namaste, we are one in the blessing of Divine Grace, we have each other.  

                             In love and Gratitude,


                          Joyous Glorious Fiblorious