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Infinity - 2ml

Sacred Geometry

Infinity - 2ml


Infinity - 2ml


“In using the Infinity Sacred Geometry oil it is to recognize the cross over the middle (it's almost the same as the Vesica Piscis) and that is really the center of your heart.   And so as you move into your heart, you can feel your relationship to infinity, all that has been, all that will be.  And to center into the vastness of the universe really, of the infinity of all there is. The forgiveness and kindness can really overlap in this because it would be to have the intention to release the negative frustrations. This infinity vibration would help those to release those negative frustrations and dissatisfactions and anger and aggressions that are part of the lower vibrations, as you are lifting up into the higher and higher realms. If you take the shape of the number eight and turn it on its side you would have the symbol of infinity. It represents God in the beginning and the end, the alpha and the Omega. Infinity goes in both directions as far as infinity.   It is a very generous and a very forgiving sacred geometric oil.”      Quote - Lord Sananda                                                                                                                                                     



 “To feel that I am in the center.   I'm centering into all creation.   Rather than being external, rather than having infinity over there, rather than feeling separate, I am one, I am in the oneness.   I am in the unity of infinity, all that is.” 

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