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Sacred Geometry

The Flower of Life - 2 ML

The Flower of Life.png
The Flower of Life.png

The Flower of Life - 2 ML


Power/Benefits: To be aligned and synchronized with all that is. To develop heightened awareness of the soul. To have clear imagination and vision. Comfort, powerful manifestation and well being.


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The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol.  It is so full of wisdom. There are 18 inter-connecting circles, plus the one that surrounds them all.  All life is precious, not just human life and all life and the connections of all things can be found in the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life symbolizes human consciousness and so it would be used when someone is working to develop a higher awareness of their soul, of their totallness. When it is used, people will find that they have a clearer vision, a clear imagination.   If you can imagine it, you can create it.  It purifies that imaginative capacity. It is an image representing the source of all that exists, the divine unity.  It is the oneness, everything is connected, even galaxies, even molecules are connected. They are in the oneness of life, the living universe, the living God. That you are one with God, you are one with all that is, the oneness.

In oneness you are in sync with everything and you lack for nothing. Connecting with microbes, the galaxies, with animals, connecting with people, connecting with minerals, connecting with everything, the universes the stars, that you are not isolated, they are aligned and synchronized. Heightened self-awareness.If you are one with all that is, you are in good health, you don't need to search for it.  I am healthy, I am one with God.  I am wealthy, I am one with God, I am one with the universe, I am the wholeness, I am synchronized to all creation. I am one with God. I am creating more and more for the benefit of all. Powerful manifestation and well-being.  Dis-ease, disease is just uneasiness, you are uncomfortable. But if you're one with all that is, there's nothing lacking, you are comfortable. Your synchronized, your connected, your not alone.  You're not isolated, you are not separate.      

Intention for the FLOWER OF LIFE

“I do hereby declare that I am using the Sacred Geometry Oil of the Flower of Life, that I might recognize and accept ownership that I am in the oneness of all creation. I align myself with source, with the divine Elohim, the Ascended Masters, my spirit guides, that I might know oneness. And it is so.”