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Sacred Geometry

The Sphere - 2 ML

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Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.37.53 PM.png

The Sphere - 2 ML


Benefits:  To see the greater picture. To shift the energies for higher potentials. To break free of linear thinking, to open up to the potentials of the Universe. A stepping stone to higher consciousness. To discover the whole self. To cleanse the aura.  To be used for scrying and gazing without a crystal ball to find the hidden wisdoms. Will soften the individual to receive goodness. 

The sphere is the ultimate 3 dimensional symbolic expression of completeness.

Many are still struggling to break free of linear thinking.  Linear is a single line, the mind divides the circle into two parts, two halves, but it is in this spherical thinking the importance of the wholeness, to include all, to accept all, the potentials of all, it is both macro and micro. The sphere then can represent the self. The self that has spiritual existence beyond birth and death.  The sphere is a stepping stone to a higher awareness and consciousness.   The mind can grasp the concept to recognize that the symbol of this sphere is your soul and your spirit.  That state of mind must be allowed the freedom to consider that you are more than that linear, physical experience.  The sphere symbolizes wholeness. It is the shape and symbol of universal unity, completeness, infinity, the whole universe. The sphere oil is powerful for those that are wishing to find the whole self, to find clear thinking, to discover the union of body, mind and spirit. To cleanse the aura. To have deeper meditations and meditative state.  The uses are infinitesimal.


Crystal ball spheres in the mineral world have been used traditionally for looking to find the hidden wisdom's. the Oil is going to help those that are looking for hidden wisdom. People that used the crystal ball for gazing, now can the do not so much need that crystal mineral ball as much as they need to oil, to do their seeing.  If the oil were to be put on the crystal ball for scrying, the power is intensified 1000 times.


The sphere alone is almost a symbol of a charitable gift, or it is representation of that act of kindness, so it is very much that connection to the source of all. The sphere will soften the hardness that many have, the selfish nature of earthly wants so that it is not so selfish. It is now a universal kindness and consideration. A project or business may not be successful because it was to self oriented. At this time of great shifting, the Sphere will help them also to shift to see a greater picture and shift their energy to the greater potentials within the project or business.


Intention for The Sphere


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