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Have you ever wondered what an Emerald or a Rose Quartz would smell like?  Discover the Sacred Alchemy of the Gemstones!




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       * Warm Spiritual Protection

            * Safety & Well Being

* Balances Emotions * Releases Negative                           Energy of the Past

Amber is fossilized resin. There are often insects or particles of leaves and things that are caught in the trees resin before it was fossilized. Amber is warm and comforting to the touch. A real living vibration. It has wonderful metaphysical properties particularly for protection.

The fear of terrorism is damaging to psyche of so many in the world at this time. They feel unsafe, that they don't have safety. Amber has a very strong property of spiritual protection for the individual that uses the oil. It will provide a feeling of a warm living shield against the fear of an attack. A powerful but the lovely sensing of health and well-being.

Balances emotions. Amber helps to clear away past negative energies, so you can release them. Feel yourself free to move forward. 

An ideal oil that could be used by everyone, especially healers as their own personal perfume because it will wrap the individual in an aura of warm and beautiful metaphysical protection, health and well-being. The negativities can't stick, can’t adhere to the individual.  It releases the negatives of the past so that you're not dragging behind this ball and chain, as though you're a prisoner of the past. You are free, you’ve let that go.


“ I do hereby declare that I am using the sacred gemstone oil of Amber to clear my mind and my emotions. To ease the stress that I clearly sense protection, health and wellness and share with those around me.The blessings of nature are with me and all is well.  It is so. “


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