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Have you ever wondered what an Emerald or a Rose Quartz would smell like?  Discover the Sacred Alchemy of the Gemstones!




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Move out of the Head into the heart.  Green and Light. It has a feeling of lightness, even humor.  Assists in dealing with the ups and downs of life. Allows one to look at the bright side of difficult situations.  Renewed hope and joy

Aventurine heals emotional pain and fears, it brings into balance blockages of the heart center

A stone of Good Luck and to manifest greater

Prosperity.  A stone to carry to the race track, emotionally draining situations or a first date.  Move forward in confidence. relieves inflammation – anxieties – zest for life – move forward in confidence – opens heart for higher meditation – (with Rose Quartz to magnify heart effects) – rebuilds depleted energies –

It is used for truth, prosperity, relieves stress and has a general healing, overall healing, it's gentle. Refreshes.

USES:  Used in bathwater it would be a very soft and soothing, an overall general healing. Aventurine heals emotional pain and fears, it brings into balance blockages of the heart center


“ I herby do affirm that I'm using the sacred oil of Aventurine. I consciously align my path to dissolve the blocks in my heart. Blocks of emotional pain and fear so that I might open to universal love, truth and prosperity. I ask for guidance in this from the source Trinity, from the Elohim and from the Ascended Masters, from the Angelic kingdom and my Spirit Guides.

(NOTE:  Use with Rose Quartz Gemstone Oil and/or Mercaba Sacred Geometry Oil to magnify healing effects of the heart).


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