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Have you ever wondered what an Emerald or a Rose Quartz would smell like?  Discover the Sacred Alchemy of the Gemstones!

Quartz, Rose - Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz.JPG
Rose Quartz.JPG

Quartz, Rose - Heart Chakra

from 47.00

The Pink of the Heart Chakra, the "love" gem

To love and forgive yourself.  It is gentle, compassionate and works with forgiveness and tolerance.  Soft and gentle as it soothes and heals. Warming to the memories.  i.e. childhood neglect where there was lack of love resulting in low self esteem. 

Aligns mental, emotional and astral bodies.  Very loving and caring (almost living in it's joyful healing process). 

Heals emotional loss.  i.e.  loss of a pet or human.  Heals stored emotions of fear, anger, resentment and guilt.  Prevents body disease and breakdown due to negative emotions.     


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