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Have you ever wondered what an Emerald or a Rose Quartz would smell like?  Discover the Sacred Alchemy of the Gemstones!

Tourmaline, Brown

Brown T.JPG
Brown T.JPG

Tourmaline, Brown

from 47.00

Brown Tourmaline - Accepting the joy of physical life  

Very much a deep brown, very dark, very grounding,  very soothing and reassuring.  It's as though going back to the beginning.   

It provides a stamina to the physical body.  It helps to have a deeper acceptance of the self.  To move with more ease and comfort in life.

It will assist people with old emotional problems.  Those problems that surface like a bubble in the mud;  instead of pushing back down into the mud, they can release it and be free of it.  This oil really helps with self-esteem.  It's so drab, it’s so plain and yet, it is so powerful.  Very earthy, brown like dirt, strongly associated to Lord Pan and the Faerie Kingdom.  

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