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Garnet, Red


Have you ever wondered what an Emerald or a Rose Quartz would smell like?  Discover the Sacred Alchemy of the Gemstones!

Garnet, Red


Garnet, Red

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Red Garnet energies are very earth connecting and a portal to the centre of Gaia.  Red Garnet is very feminine and a strong representation of Mother Earth and Earth Energy.

· * Red Garnet activates and strengthens the base/1st root chakra, enhancing ones vitality and endurance.  It is a good crystal for those who are a bit ungrounded and who lack energy.

 ·  * Stimulates Kundalini energy (spiritual power that is dormant at the base of the spine)

 · * Strong grounding to the earth, it helps to alleviate worry, panic and fear.

  * Aids in activating cellular memory of past life learning of ancient civilizations and clears negative karmic patterns 

·*  Helps one to be authentic and realistic. 


“ I hereby accept the gifts of Red Garnet as an oil of Earth that effectively grounds me while allowing me to be alert in this moment. And I accept the gift of red garnet as an opening to the centre of Gaia where I am transformed in the physical of life. I call upon the Elementals and I call upon God as I use this sacred oil. As above, so below. It is so ”.

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