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Skin Care Products

I have always had a passion for good skin care and educating my customers in the art and science of using botanical ingredients for beautiful skin.  Over the years my customers have enjoyed the benefits and knowledge of using Hydrosols and plant waters. 

The heavy water soluble molecules fall into the bottom of the vat in the distillation process and are collected for use as a toner on the skin.   True Rose Water is a different chemical composition than just water with Rose Oil added.  This line of Hydrosols has been expanded to include two new precious Hydrosols,  Hawaiian Sandalwood and Organic Super Lavender Water.

I know you will enjoy reading and learning about my synergistic Face Serums, Cleansers and Eye Treatments. Many of the ingredients are from organic botanical farming.  

Taking care of self and the enjoyment of using plants and extracts from mother nature is an exhilarating and healing experience.  Enjoy!!!

Hydrosol - Hawaiian Sandalwood

sandalwood hydro.jpg
sandalwood hydro.jpg

Hydrosol - Hawaiian Sandalwood

from 18.00

Distilled from the wood of Santalum spicatum tree

Artisan Crafted: in Hawaii

Shelf Life is stable,  approximately 24 months

Aroma is soft, dry, delicate and highly aromatic.  Warm, woody and buttery.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is a rich and sweet scented essential oil known as an aid to meditation, spiritual growth, and an aphrodisiac.  Sandalwood Hydrosol soothes irritation, both physically and emotionally.  It is fantastic for the skin, and good for all skin types, especially mature.

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